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Interested to learn Argentine Tango?

Argentine Tango is one of the most beautiful dances around. Focusing on the deep connection between dancers, it has drawn people from all over the world into its warm embrace. In Singapore, we hold regular classes at The Lumen Room in conjunction with partner teachers www.ytango.sg to encourage even more people to experience this wonderful dance.

  • Tuesday: 7.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Thursday: 7.00pm – 8.00pm
  • Thursday: 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Check out the class schedule at: http://www.ytango.sg/schedule/

Instructor: WaiChung Ng

WaiChung’s background includes Modern, Contemporary and Jazz dance as well as martial arts and gymnastics. a chance encounter with Argentine Tango – he was accompanying a reporter friend doing a story on the dance – led to the proverbial love at first sight (or step) for him.  That was in 2001 and WaiChung has never looked back.

150622WAMosaicanniversaryimproHanging up his corporate suit, WaiChung started teaching Argentine Tango in 2006.  Since then, he has devoted a few months each year in its land of origin – Buenos Aires, Argentina – training with the world’s top tango maestros, honing his craft, and dancing in the milongas. Popular with the locals and being a fluent speaker of the Argentine language, they soon refer to him affectionately by the similar-sounding nickname “Juancho”.

WaiChung is one of the few dancers with an intimate understanding of the traditional styles of Tango Salon and Tango Milonguero, as well as Tango Nuevo. His dancing is described as elegant, playful, soft, clean and musically expressive.

He has performed at numerous events in Singapore where he is currently based, as well as in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and Argentina, including the famous Salon Canning in Buenos Aires.



What can you learn in our Argentine Tango Beginners course?

You will pick up basic techniques on walking and simple movements like ochos, cruzada and salida, as well as simple figures.

Where can I find out more information such as the class schedule and fees or register for classes?

You can visit http://www.ytango.sg for more details, or contact us info@ytango.sg or at 96783697.

Tango beginner classWhat if I just want to drop in to try a class?

We will be holding regular trial classes so keep a look out for those if you are keen to have a try.  We would not encourage a total beginner to do walk-ins; it would be better to take the full 6-week Beginner course. Check out when the next Beginner class is and the course rate at http://www.ytango.sg/.

If you have taken tango classes before, you can drop in for a lesson or if you are unsure which level class you should be taking, give us a call at Mobile: 96783697.

Can I join the class if I do not have a partner?

Of course, we have students move around to dance with fellow students – that way, you get exposed to how different people move.

I have no background in dancing.

You don’t need to have prior dance experience, just come and have fun in class.

Does tango involve a lot of lifts and mid-air movements like what I see on YouTube?

A: A common misperception of Argentine Tango is that it’s a legs-flying and action-packed dance. That has to do with what is called tango escenario or show/stage tango which people pay to watch as a form of entertainment. Social Argentine Tango dancing is a lot more grounded and composed, and enjoyed by people all over the world for the connection it evokes between dancers and the music.

What should I wear for classes?

A:  You can come in your office wear or comfortable attire.  For ladies, it would be good if you wear heels with straps but if you don’t, then shoes that allow you to pivot comfortably would be fine. Gentlemen can wear shoes with leather soles that help you to pivot.  Otherwise, seasoned shoes are ok. Please avoid slippers or shoes with rubber soles.

Also, as with any social dance, good personal hygiene would be appreciated by everyone in the class.

How do I get to The Lumen Room?

We are opposite Bugus MRT (exit D) or if you are driving, you can access Tan Quee Lan Street from Beach Road.

Are there parking lots at the venue?

A: There is street-level parking. Or you can park at Bugis Junction Shopping Mall.