Project Overview

Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company


The Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company (RBSDC) is the only dance company in Singapore that specialises in the holistic Spanish Dance genres of Spanish Classical Dance, The Bolero School, Spanish Regional Dance and Flamenco. It is also the only dance company in the region whose Founder, Madam Rose Borromeo, was awarded the Medallion from the Kingdom of Spain – “Royal Order of Queen Isabel the Catholic”, granted by the King of Spain in 2013, for the upholding of Spanish dance arts.

The RBSDC is currently led by Director Tania Goh, whose love for Spanish dance, the Spanish language and culture has given much momentum to her work over the years. Through her arts management company, SaltShaker Spanish Arts, programmes are presented in Singapore and Asia-Pacific, with the Academia de Manuel Betanzos (Spain).

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