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Where can I buy Tango Shoes?

The Lumen Room offers both new and pre-loved tango shoes (Women’s / Men’s) for sale at reasonable prices.

Drop by The Lumen Room to take a look during the following times: 

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (7pm – 11pm)
  • Saturdays (9.30pm – 12mn)

Or send us your enquiry at andrienne@gmail.com.


We have a variety of brands including debailar, Flabella, Turquoise, NeoTango and Comme il Faut and more. We also have tangueras who are looking for new owners for their pre-loved tango shoes; these would be more affordable if you do not wish to splurge.

Turquoise metallics

Shoe strip


We are pleased that Tangopura @ The Lumen Room is an official reseller of DNI Argentine Tango shoes.  DNI shoes, produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are known for their comfort, design and reasonable prices.  The dance trainers (women’s and men’s), in particular, are popular because they allow dancers to remain on their feet comfortably for hours during dance workshops.

DNI_WomenTrainersGold DNI_WomenTrainersBlackRedWomen’s dance trainers

DNI_MensShoesbw DNI_MensShoesblack Men’s shoes